School Uniform Time Table

Monday Tunic Check shirt /maroon trouser
Tuesday Golf T shirt /maroon skirt Golf T shirt /maroon trouser.
Wednesday Tunic Check shirt/maroon trouser
Thursday Golf T shirt /maroon skirt Golf T shirt /maroon trouser.
Friday Tunic Check shirt /maroon trouser


All registered Bright Star Combined leaning centers learners are bound to follow the code of conduct for learners as stipulated on this policy.

All learners shall:

3.5.1. Wear school uniform as prescribed by the school uniform time-table (See above).
3.5.2 Arrive at school not later than 7H30am
3.5.4 Be in class on time before first period in the morning and after break.
3.5.5 No loitering around the school yard.
3.5.6 Not to make noise during lesson hours.
3.5.7 Not disrupt classes.
3.5.8 Not absent her /him without a valid reason.
3.5.10 Not to disrespect educators.
.3.5.11 Submit all tasks for class on time. (Should not miss t he due date)
3.5.12 Not to miss any test (formal or informal)
3.5 .13 Not to use any local language for communication, excerpt in English language whilst in the school premises.
3.5.14 Not to use alcohol / drugs in the school premises.

3.5 13 Not to be found under the influence of alcohol / drugs.

3.5.14 Not to bring cell phones to school.
3.5.15 Not to cheat in any assessment tasks and tests.
Not to carry dangerous weapons.

3.5 .16 Failure to comply with the above –mentioned code of conduct shall lead to
• Detention
• Suspension
• Expulsion.

3.5.17 If a learner violates one of the above rules, he /she will be given blue form. The learner shall
3.5.18 face disciplinary hearing if she gets two blue forms.
3.5 .19 Three blue forms: detention (the learner will be detain on Friday after school to clean the classrooms or the school yard.)
3.5.20 four blue forms: Suspension(maximum 4weeks, minimum 1 week.
3.5.21 five blue forms: expulsion.

3.5.22 If a learner is found using or under the influence of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, he / she will be expelled from the school immediately.
3.5.23 If a learner is found in possession of a dangerous weapon, he/she will be expelled from the school immediately.
3.5.24 If a learner is found in possession of a cell phone, the cell phone will be confiscated immediately, and it will be release to him /her at the end of the year.

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