About Us

We are here not for income, but for outcome

We are here not for income, but for outcome At Bright Star Christian School, we teach that truth is revealed by God. Christianity is a faith of enlightenment and intelligence. The pursuit of truth is a directive given to mankind by his creator that when placed in correct priority to worship and obedience serves to glorify God. This school is hereby established to operate under the premise that through our relationship with Jesus Christ we have access to all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge afforded by the Creator of all things. We commit ourselves to assist parents in teaching the biblical principles needed for self government and responsible citizenship to the children placed in our care.

“For by wise guidance you will wage war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory“ (Proverbs 24:6).

True learning and true piety go hand in hand, and Christianity embraces the whole of life – those are great central convictions that underlie our school

The primary and only legitimate reason for our existence as a school is to be a place of academic instruction where Jesus Christ lives in those who teach and learn.