2019 Graduation Meeting’s Minutes


Date: 27/04/2019
Time: 2pm
Roll call and apology
Opening prayer


  1. Graduation date: 30th November 2019
    Venue: Full Gospel Philadelphia New Auditorium, Church View
    Time: 9 o’clock prompt
    All children should be at the venue latest by 8:30
  2. Graduation fees R600 per child the R600 is For catering for two people and the KFC for the child. We buy 100% juice for the children the parents’ cold drink and 100% juice.
    Certificates, decoration, gowns (not to take home with them).
  3. Dress code
    3.1 Girls
    Let us choose from the different fashion designers’ dress display on the chairs.
    : white socks and white shoes
    3.2 Boys White long sleeve shirt.
    -waist coat and its trouser and spring tie.
    3.3 According to the designers the girls dress is R450 the boys’ waist coat with the trouser and spring tie is R250
    3.4 The waist coat alone without the trouser is R150
    3.5 I think let us choose the waist coat with the trouser. The colour is strictly blue matches with the girls blue belt
  4. 1 The fashion designers have agreed to sew with their own money for everyone but you pay before they can give you your item.
    4.2 And also they have agreed to sew with their own money to avoid pressure on them therefore parents should buy from them only, you will not go and sew it anywhere
    4.3 By 1st October, everybody should have paid up and collected their dress or waist coat.
    4.4 The dress code is used for the first section only.
  5. Mommies and Daddies
    5.1. Any child who does not have the prescribed dress will not be allowed in the first section. All the girls are wearing the same thing and boys are wearing the thing.
  6. Second section activities
    We have got following groups welcome address, prophetic worship, dance group, prophetic praise dance group, zumba dance group, rhyme and songs, soldiers, drama, sarafina dance group, xibelani and makwaya. We will inform you which group your child will be when we start with the rehearsals.
  7. Customs The school will provide costumes for the following groups, welcome address, rhymes and songs, soldiers, zumba dance, prophetic praise dance (t-shirt only, parents will bring along white jeans), prophetic worship dance, drama. If your child falls under the following groups, we will tell you the costume to buy, sarafina, xibelani and Makwaya (we need only the xibelani)-Black trousers for rhymes and song groups, the school will provide t-shirts for them -Jeans for prophetic praise -Sarafina group- white long sleeve shirt, black trouser and black spring tie.
  8. Videos and photos 8.1. Four photos before the graduation day (R40 to be paid in October 2019) Two photos with the graduation gowns. Two photos with the costumes. 8.2. Those who want DVDs will order with deposit of R50. Mr Mixo charges R150 per video.
  9. Those who want frames for their certificates. Mr Rodney charges R50 for each frame. Those who want their certificates to be framed will add R50 on top of the R600 charged.
  10. Extra meal. You can bring as many people as you want but if you want them to eat you must pay extra meal ticket for each of them.A plate and a drink is R70
  11. The closing date to pay the R600 is 31st July 2019. If by the 31st you have not pay the money it means that, your child will not graduate, we will not include him/her in the activities.
  12. Suggestions, questions, concerns.
  13. Closing prayer.